Thrown to the Wolves


The next war we will fight,
with any truth and honesty,
will be a war of class destruction,
a war of extinction of separation.

The world is not fair,
and if you believe this is all a test,
then it can make a bit of sense.

If we are tending toward an a priori imposition,
a morality which requires us to take care of us,
we are failing badly because of our selfish few,
who hoard the resources with no concern for you.

I do believe in the concept of private property,
but lets not be ridiculous about this.
From what I have witnessed so obviously,
is businessmen twisting truth with no ethics to be seen.

Are you productive? No? Throw them to the wolves.
They are no good for our industrial profits.
You did what before? So. You are useless now.
Grind them up and feed them to the lions.

Until we learn to take care of our own,
the fairness of life will not be shown.
Life is not fair, because man is not there,
and refuses to care about his world.

We have the ability,
to create a place where we can live comfortable.
A place of stability,
where we do not throw you to the wolves when you get old.


One in Humanity


Attitude is everything,
detach and create,
make what is, into what you want,
because that is fun, for you.

That would be fine, if there was no urgent cause,
no urgent cause for you to be devoted,
a devotion to relief, a devotion to the excluded.

Attitude is everything, as an end to your means.
How far will you go, to not disturb the ebb?
Get it straight, and keep it clear,
clean up your means, and a positive attitude adheres.

Your means are your end, if you want the truth,
no short cuts have merit, no short cuts are not particular.

Universality through study,
attitude from wisdom,
your short cut is to delude,
but I will poison that hopefully.

There is a duty,
do not be lazy,
do not be happy,
do not embarrass me,
as I am part of humanity.

Monster vs. Budweiser

Untitled-2 copy

Escape, escape or over stimulate.
Fall on your face, or get the shakes.

Life becomes too much for some people,
they want to forget, they want to flirt.

Monster, Monster, the way to accomplish,
the way to accomplish a focused attention.
Not to escape, but to build an attentive place,
where Budweiser would not understand to mention.

The King of Beers keeps his plebeians in check.
Keeping them trapped and liquidated.
Blocking the brain from its natural connections,
to forget about life and its orientation.

If you are going to bend your natural focus,
make sure it will be productive for you.
While you pay the price for either bend,
one can be quite a bit more costly for a man.

Focus, focus, forget about escape.
Build something permanent you don’t have to negate.
When you are satisfied and realistic,
you eliminate the desire to escape.

There is one catch, and I will tell you this:
Unless you have money, then, life is mundane.
Perhaps at this point its back to the beer.
I don’t know because I just arrived here.

Disappointed in Descartes


* The quotes shown are derivative of Descate’s thought, not his own words.

His imposition,
his implication,
“I am not telling you to follow me…”
”..but this person is a fool as you can see.”

His opportunism,
his submission,
”If a person of a greater mind has a better thought than mine…”
”…be content to submit, and follow that higher flight.”

So where does it stop,
and how can you start?

In your comfortable submission,
you set the rules for fluctuation,
while you project in order to negate,
because in yourself you have no belief.

I weeded myself of all external impositions, in order to start from scratch.
I have separate categories for the ideas of others that I am attached to.
I never content myself with their ideas because they are a symbolic authority,
although Descartes advocates this so he may retain his blissful contingency.

His accusation is that the opposition are fools,
those of us who believe completely in ourselves are impotent,
on one hand he tries to play the game like he is a humble man,
while on the other, judging in negation and name calling.

He has to submit, no matter how much he tries to free himself,
he has to submit, because his unconditional belief in God he can never be rational.
You can study logic until you fall over dead from lack of air,
but until you chose freedom over submission in that incalculable choice,
inside yourself you will always be trying to make amends.

God is the great divider, ridiculously because the essence resolves to be as one,
but unfortunately for monotheism, there is a multiplicity of expression to be shown,
while God is a name expressed in ultimate symbolism,
which can be seen as infinitive, or infinitesimal,
its symbolism is both meaningless and meaningful,
this is why you should chose to free yourself.

If you chose submission, there is no way to know what you have agreed,
if you chose freedom, you do not know exactly how to be,
but if you chose freedom, you take responsibility for your own mistakes,
you feel the pain of your own error, and avoid the desire to negate.

Those who submit and give up true freedom and responsibility,
are arrogant because they think they know that which cannot be,
but if you question them, you can see them become uncomfortable,
uncomfortable in speaking about that which they cannot be.

Those who are free become uncomfortable also while living with their lack,
but in their knowledge of the lines drawn highlighting their inadequacies,
there is more chance that they will be corrected, and ultimately freed.

Pain of error,
responsible in life,
redemption perpetuates masturbation,
a masturbation which hides.

Forgiveness is useful,
if you understand the true costs,
Forgiveness can be selfish,
If you are trying to perpetuate your bliss.

Compete or Conform


Compete or conform,
submit or negate,
contained or maintained;
Stare through the bars, at your freedom beyond your reach…

Master or slave,
authority or minority,
possession and obsession,
Beyond your imagination, stars, stellar omnipresence, and reason…

Divide your opportunity,
maximize your masturbation,
inflate your sensual pleasure,
life is one, instead of permeation.

Soon I will be free,
of worrying about you anymore,
Soon I will be free,
of the pain I have suffered clearing a way forward.

I am tired of coaxing,
tired of trying to help,
I am tired of bleeding my heart in pain,
To free you from your division within containment.

Go ahead and fail,
masturbate in selfishness,
be altruistic in vanity,
be philanthropic in sympathy,
egoistic in pity,
impossible in empathy,
narcissistic in charity.

Your eyes are open, but you are only a symbol,
a symbol of the person you could have been,
a person that put value in work and study of the self,
a person who would understand a life beyond your senses.

Spawning Civility

civility (1)

Young and impressed,
vain but reactive.
No development of consciousness yet;
a product of chance, and traditionalism.

No time to refine yourself,
You become a mechanism of contingency.
Many people hang on to these scars,
many people believe this is who they are.

Even though external chance formed their core,
they fail to be critical of the mess they entertain.
Instead of standing outside, for a short time,
to refine, and become their true personality inside,
they build the ego, to reify their chance formation,
a formation with no order, ill defined and random.

If you do not examine,
you will never decide,
you will never decide,
who you are inside.

Holding tight,
to your childhood scars,
No control of your own,
your character unrefined.

If you chose anti-intellectualism,
the pain is your own,
the pain in suffering will never end,
the sharp edges cut, and wound again and again.

Blast the delusional ego,
let go of your idolatry,
nature is in constant ebb,
flow with it naturally.

When you understand true values,
when you understand their rates of change,
you understand that nothing is static,
you understand values have variable rates.

Hold on exclusively to nothing,
but decide what values change very slowly,
Understand clearly there is an innate altruism,
Understand civility spawns with consciousness simultaneously.

The Unmoved Mover


What is wrong with infinite regress?
Why should we make the leap to an anthropocentric creator?

The chicken and the egg; causation and creation;
infinity versus contingency.

There are immeasurable ideas that we can only guess at,
but just because we do not understand, does not mean we regress.

Ignorance with no chance of knowing,
ignorance with no desire toward growing,
ignorance with a universal limitation,
injustice on the shoulders of the mechanism.

Causation, and infinity have emerged together.
We will converge again in the future.
This is not a subjective/objective transcendental ideology,
it is a chronological, cosmological inherent contingency.

When you realize how difficult it is to be original,
you will realize how trapped by limitation you are.
When you realize the extent of the universal quagmire holding you back,
you will realize free will and omni-guilt are a masochistic hack….
…..on a more complex truth.

There may be a creator, but there is no God.
You are caught in a subjective perpetuation.
Ego reifies prejudice in an uncritical denial.
This is no answer, but a hope to annihilate the delusion.

The Romantic Evasion


Romance will save you!
Romance will save you from the truth.
The truth will destroy your body with stress;
evolution prefers delusion for your mental rest.

Romance will save you!
All you have to do is feel.
I will tell you now, because I know all to clear,
the truth in actuality will break you in despair.

These religious people have no clue about truth;
they are scared to death of it.
Romanticism is the height of evasion;
the height of masturbation in myopic limitation.

If you did not want to kill so readily,
for your orgasmic sensuality,
I would endorse you with all my heart,
because the truth in actuality will kill you outright.

Trust me now as I deliver the promise of truth,
learn to grow, but avoid ascetism at any cost.
The truth can be beautiful, or devastating in itself,
it could not care less about your death, or help.

A priori, annihilating your solipsism so obviously,
whispering to you about your insignificance painfully,
drawing you down to a place omni orgasmic, or omni destructive.
Romance is your only hope, but the cure kills like the disease.

That disease is truth……

Everything is not Nothing


Live in mobility,
die quickly.

Ignorance preserves the body;
masturbation is healthy.

Truth is despair,
ego turns the deaf ear.

To know everything, is not to know nothing,
such implications are ridiculous.
To know nothing is to know nothing,
even as far as to not know what you know is not something.

Asceticism the enemy,
in everything.

Knowledge saves the group,
pragmatism and imagination.

Failure contingent,
upon a structure that is immanent.

To know nothing, augments accountability.
Your chance to work is thrown away.
Trying to know, pursuit of the responsible,
Failure given, but exhibiting a positive outward symbol.

Ask yourself about accountability in ignorance,
Ask yourself about your accountability for what you do not know.
The universe is vastly undiscovered, and yet unknown,
but it is fair to judge you by what is shown, in your possibility.

If you choose to remain ignorant in a sensual orgasm,
and you cause harm to another in your ill contemplated decisions,
though you had no intention of harming another consciously,
the negative effects of your actions reverberate out contingently.

If you had the chance to deliberate about your choice,
yet you chose to masturbate;
If you had the choice to study your decision,
yet you chose to pursue sensual pleasure;

If you are prudent, and you fail still,
universal limitations are to blame.
If you put forth an effort, and the effects are negative,
your effort exhonorates you, and your failure arguable.

I am convinced war is the result of ignorance,
in modern days.
Land acquisition a thing of the past,
global communication will enhance the chance for peace.

Asceticism the enemy of everything,
everything nihilistic, or imaginative.

By Yourself For The People


I like to believe, being for myself is for the people.
I like to think, I have enough energy to make an interesting difference.
I try to purely serve by crushing my ego and vanity,
but the masturbation is inherent when you chose to entertain.

Make no mistake, entertainment in the arts is a two way reward.
Despair and rejection is depression for a sprouting emergence,
as the quitters suffer nothing but the worst of an inherent scale,
the diligent entertain bliss as their minds grow and show the divine pornography.

While other areas of service, comfortably bring their product to market,
art and entertainment, prostitutes its self-reward for the corporate.
While the people benefit either way the entertainer liens,
character versus capitalism is destroying truth and humanity daily.

Survival of body, at expense of the character,
what is the point of the character, if one cannot survive?
Without money, one so surely dies,
so it seems we must sell the divine…..pornography.

I cannot explain what is to me but a feeling.
Perhaps it is an echo of romanticism so dead,
or a masturbation of vanity assuming my way is the drive,
or is it the truth, survival motives are catastrophe of divine creativity.

Divinity at war with necessity,
a blissful freedom should drive individuality in humanity,
necessity can drive the corporate minds of invention,
but they only provide the method for the presentation.

The presentation itself must be pure of survival drives,
for the most divine of pornography to thrive,
individuality, and narcissism in vanity must be justified in them,
their masturbations will be pure if we the people contribute a stipend.